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About us

Xpressteachers strives to be the leading online Job Posting Board for Educational Establishments and professionals who are either looking to recruit qualified personnel or seeking employment within the education sector, across the whole of Nigeria. We aim to provide a first-class service that bridges the gap between employers and jobseekers in the sector. was established by a group of experienced educational professionals whom have a wealth of experience both in the public and private sectors of education, whom observed a gap in the Nigerian market for websites that solely cater for professionals or establishments in education.
Nigeria has a large market and occupancy for both public and private schools, and it was observed that although Nigeria has several websites catering for online recruitment, there were no sites that specifically dealt with or was solely dedicated to recruitment within the education sector.
Xpressteachers was set up to support and streamline the recruitment process by ensuring that 90% of candidates seeking employment on our site are educational professionals with relevant qualifications, skills or experience within their chosen fields in education. Therefore, offering some assurance that organisations and prospective employees using our services will find and match candidates (through CV’s) that will genuinely meet their recruitment requirements, which in turn will save time, money and ensure that the best and most qualified candidates are selected and recruited for the right positions.

Our services are FREE for jobseekers looking for employment opportunities and competitively priced for educational establishments wishing to advertise their vacancies.